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"Havets Sånger" Songs of the Sea


"Havets Sånger" was created collaboratively and consists of ten works of visual art and ten pieces of original music that together, communicate a narrative about love and loss. Swedish opera singer and classical composer, Simon Petersson, wrote and performed the musical component of the project. During the Summer of 2013, Simon and I worked together in the South of Sweden to create collaboratively. Much of the work is inspired by the Swedish landscape. Both Simon and I strongly utilize allegory and metaphor to construct meaning and communicate through universal symbols. Poetry accompanies each work, which when installed sequentially, tells the story of a contemporary operatic tragedy. 


"Havets Sånger" debuted at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014. The exhibition received critical praise and went on to exhibit at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago, Illinois before touring abroad in Sweden. Our self-published book which chronicles our creative and intersectional process has sold over 300 copies in Sweden and in the United States. 

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